In Store Careers

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Do you have a contagious passion for fashion and for customer service? We are always seeking talented people to join the Laura family. Apply today!

Head Office Careers

If you are passionate, have a dynamic personality, and are looking to work in a vibrant and energetic environment focused on fashion and people, we may have a great opportunity for you.

Working In Store

Yesterday a customer came who was shopping for an Italian wedding and the pressure was on not to look good, but great. My customer, Gabriella was a definite oval-shape, and came in with one requirement: the dress could not be black. I told her not to worry, that she had met her fairy godmother, one without a wand but trained in body shape and armed with great shapewear, and that we would find her a dress. Gabriella tried on several of her choices and became discouraged until she tried a little something I picked out: an empire waist with a beautiful shawl collar that brought the focus to her face and away from her tummy.

Gabriella told me she has never felt this good about herself, not even on her wedding day. I have never seen such tears of joy!

Every morning I remind myself of Gabriella, the impact the right clothes can make and the opportunity I have to boost the self-image and confidence of women. I can't wait to hear about the wedding and her debut.

Julie, Store Manager
Carlingwood Mall, Ottawa

Working at the Head Office

What I love most about working at Laura is definitely the people. It's an amazing team. The people here are passionate about what they do and although it's become a large company, we still know each other.

I work on many projects that involve people from different departments and I can say without hesitation that people always have the end product in mind and really want the company and their peers to be successful.

We are also fun bunch. We enjoy working together to organize and participate in fundraisers. The people here care about where they work and their community.

Linda, Operations